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The origin of Navarro I

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Specializing in grilled meats

Since 1973, Mesón Navarro has offered the best gastronomic proposals in Alto Mijares in Castellón. During all this time, the people of Castellón have responded to the efforts of the Mesón Navarro team with gratitude and have managed to make Mesón Navarro restaurants leaders in the restaurant sector in the city of La Plana. The four restaurants of the Mesón Navarro group offer quality and care in the menus they propose. The entire team at Mesón Navarro in Castellón always offer you the best service and the highest quality, to make you feel satisfied with both the food and the service received.

They have been working for 30 years to bring to Castellón, with love and know-how, the best options of Alto Mijares gastronomy. The Mesón Navarro group of restaurants is the best restaurant in Castellón to enjoy an excellent meal or an unforgettable dinner.

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Mesón Navarro

Visiting any of our four restaurants, you have the guarantee of quality and know-how from these hoteliers devoted body and soul to their greatest hobby; serve the customer and deliver the best quality.